KK7TM is Checking out Node-RED

I saw a presentation at our MicroHAMs club meeting about Node-RED and it's use in automating your ham shack. Node-RED is super interesting and you don't need a Computer Science degree to get started. (I have one of those anyway.) Bing it, google it, whatever.

My Hustler 5-BTV HF antenna is installed and tuned -- with radials for a ground plane this time. Unfortunately a neighborhood cat thought it would be lots of fun to mess around with the radials that were above ground. Now I get to straighten out the radials and cover them all with bark or pebbles. It should take about 10 wheelbarrows of material.

I made my first contact using an Icom IC-7100 on the FT8 mode from Washington to Indiana using 10 watts of power. The signal reports included a monitor in Argentina!